Assisting Professionals & Entrepreneurs with ADHD

Hello! I’m Katherine, a high functioning, organizational-systems geek with a passion for helping humans achieve their goals.

About Me

I’ve built a business service as an ADHD collaborator. My service is geared specifically to support adult professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs with ADHD in achieving their short and long-term goals.

I do this by coupling my expertise in human functioning with my talent for creating clear, sustainable, organizational systems to provide my clients with personal project management.

Let me reduce your stress and increase your motivation to accomplish your short and long-term goals.

How It Works

Assisting services to keep you on track and unstuck. Weekly follow-through support will ensure you move forward in achieving your goals on your timeline.

All this is done in ways that are specialized to support your ADHD brain.

1. In the initial meeting we will:  Extract/Analyze - Identify your goals. Break down the specifics of each goal.

2. Behind the scenes I will: Compile/Map - Assemble the necessary information/resources to move you forward on your goals. Create a tailored organizational plan with your ADHD brain in mind.

3. From there we will:  Review/Support - I will provide and review with you your tailored organizational system to achieve your goals. Identify how to move each goal forward and support you in making that happen.

4. Ongoing you will receive: Accountability - Weekly follow-through support with text, calls, and/or video chat.

Together we will reduce stress, increase motivation, and support you in achieving your goals with tailored solutions that cater to your ADHD brain.

Free Consultation

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me to map out your plan.

Monthly Price

5 Hours over a 4 week period at $250. ($50/h)

Additional hours

If you need more than 5 hours a month, you can add additional hours at $50/h as needed.

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